In 1986, Elder Orlester Johnson was called by God to preach the Gospel but did not accept the calling. By 1989, Orlester Johnson finally accepted his calling. He than asked God to give him a place to preach because the church where he served had thirty ministers on staff. Elder Orlester Johnson also wanted to change his work schedule from night shift. Elder Johnson had faith and high expectation from God. The very same week God changed Elder Johnson's work schedule from night even though he had been positioned there for ten years.

In the same week Pastor Carl Sanders asked Elder Orlester Johnson to come help him as he started a mission church for God. After arriving at the Mission Church , located off Shelby Drive, the Lord spoke to Elder Johnson and said, "Be a help spiritually and financially but not to join because he had another work for him to do".

While serving with Elder Sanders, Elder Johnson and Sister Johnson were looking for their "Dream Home". As they rode in the back seat of the Realtor's car, Elder Johnson looked at his wife and said, the Lord said, "Build His house first". Sister Johnson said, "O.K." The statement "Where God Guides He Will Provide" made Elder Johnson believe that the Lord had called him out. After assisting Pastor Sanders from 1989-1991, Elder Johnson spoke to Pastor Sanders to let him know that the time had come for him to leave.

Shortly thereafter, Elder Johnson attedned a church in Jackson TN, pastored by Elder A.Z. Hall. Elder Hall directed him to speak to Elder J.E. Chandler concerning a building. Elder Chandler than directed Elder Johnson to speak to Elder Willie Johnson, who at the time pastored a small House Church. Elder Willie Johnson stated the small Church House was not for sale.

Consequently, Elder Johnson spoke to a Banker asking about a Million Dollar Church on Shelby Drive that was for sale. The Banker asked if he had the money or the members to support the Church, neither of which he had. Also at this time Elder Willie Johnson contacted Elder Orlester Johnson, stating that he had lost his Vision and asked if he wanted to purchase the building on Auburn Road. At this moment Elder Johnson realized he needed to crawl and God would raise him up. Hence forth the calling of Pastorship became reality. The Lord had shown Pastor Johnson a vision that the building he would purchase would have shiny brown trimmings and underneath the white paint of the building, the trimmings was as the Lord had shown him in the vision.

The purchase of the building was finalized when people volenteered their time, material, and resources. One of the head officals at Pastor Johnson's place of employment, Lithograph Printing, paid someone to work on the building. Even the President, Mr. Perkins Cochren, of Lithograph Printing Company paid to have the utilities turned on. A fellow co-worker of Pastor Johnson came in and repaired all the leaks and repaired the ceiling and only charged $20.00 for the expense of gas, traveling back and forth from Mississippi to the Church.

The opening service was held on Sunday May 19, 1991 in the small House Church which is considered Phase I. Details of Phase II is on the way.

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